Driving Advertising ROI with Research

Published 15 May 2024

“Focus groups kill creativity.” It was a bold statement, and one that caught our attention when it was made on LinkedIn by a marketing industry founder, referencing Aldi’s ‘Go Big on the Little Things’ Christmas 2023 ad featuring talking potatoes. Had the ad been tested in focus groups, it was argued, it wouldn’t have seen the light of day because all the magic that makes the campaign memorable would be stripped away. While the point was well made, it fails to acknowledge that the skill of the researcher lies in their ability to work in the grey; to tap into the subliminal messaging, and link feedback to the research objectives. Done well, research can improve the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and perhaps more importantly, help you avoid failure. We spoke to WA advertising agencies to get their thoughts on how market research insights, both qualitative and quantitative, can guide, inform and inspire at each stage of the campaign development process.

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