Inflation crushing Generation X’s “retirement dreams”, Natixis IM: Financial Newswire

Published 20 June 2024

New research from Natixis Investment Managers has revealed the retirement fears now plaguing Generation X are primarily driven by inflation and debt.

The survey, conducted in collaboration with CoreData Research, found 31 per cent of the cohort are concerned they will never have enough funds to retire and 48 per cent are concerned they will run out of money during retirement.

The results also indicated that their fears were exacerbated by worries over inflation and debt, with 69 per cent saying inflation has interfered with their retirement savings, 55 per cent revealing they are saving less due to higher everyday costs and 41 per cent saying inflation is “killing their dreams of retirement”.

Over three-quarters (77 per cent) of Generation X members surveyed said they were worried public debt would result in limited retirement benefits, with 58 per cent believing it will be challenging to keep afloat without benefits.

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