Advisers’ shared experiences and expertise to shape the future of advice: Professional Planner

Published 17 May 2024

The future of financial advice is being shaped today, as licensees and advisers find new ways of working together to streamline the delivery of advice to clients, and to improve the financial performance of advisers’ businesses.

But effective change can’t happen inside a vacuum, and it is fundamentally affected by the impact of regulatory reform and government policy decisions. Those processes don’t always go smoothly, and the implementation of the Delivering Better Financial Outcomes legislation is a current case in point.

A profession-wide understanding of advisers’ experiences, opinions, processes and business structures is critical to identify best practice, and also to identify specific pain points that should be brought to the attention of government, regulators, associations and licensees.

The CoreData Future of Financial Advice research is designed to reflect the shared experiences and expertise of financial advisers across the country to create a context for fostering innovation and change and to identify where it’s needed most.

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