3 in 10 Gen Xers worry they’ll never retire, finds Natixis Investment Managers: Adviser Voice

Published 20 June 2024

Next in line to retire, Generation X are worried about running short of money in retirement (48%), and 3 in 10 are concerned they’ll never have enough to retire, research by Natixis Investment Managers finds.

The research, conducted in collaboration with CoreData Research, assessed the fears of Generation X (born between 1965 and 1980) as they approach retirement, with the first cohort turning 60 in 2025.

It found that two issues — inflation and debt — are primarily shaping Generation X’s fears about retirement.

Nearly seven out of ten (69%) of Gen X investors say inflation has hurt their ability to save for retirement, and more than half (55%) report saving less due to higher everyday costs.

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