Case Study: Greenstone

Published 17 October 2014


Greenstone approached CoreData in 2015 looking for a way to optimise organic search results and reach a broader Australian online audience across three of its brands: Real Insurance, Australian Seniors Insurance Association and Choosi. The concept was to develop a research-driven content strategy that would attract the attention of customers, prospects and journalists, increasing SEO to website while also allowing Greenstone to build brand equity among its target audience.


CoreData worked with Greenstone alongside their PR firm to design a series of online surveys on contemporary topics that would garner sufficient human interest to engage a broad Australian consumer market as well as media attention. The survey content would form the basis of reports, infographics, animations and media releases that would be used by Greenstone to engage the target audience through a range of mediums including website, social and media. The content had to be rich enough to satisfy journalists, light hearted and engaging enough to satisfy consumers, focus on challenging assumptions rather than confirming existing stereotypes, and optimise sharing among peer networks.


As at July 2016, CoreData has completed eight waves of research for Greenstone across the three brands. As of June, the media coverage had reached a cumulative audience of 12,163,295 and had an advertising space rate of $2,660,381. Working with CoreData, Greenstone has generated fresh and engaging content that resonates with the brand’s target markets; improved SEO across all three brands; increased web traffic to its websites; achieved strong media coverage for every wave and enhanced its brand positioning.




Dino Vlachos