Case Study: Equip Super

Published 17 October 2014


Prior to 2014, Equip Super had never conducted a survey of the employers who use the fund as a default fund at their workplace. Consequently, the fund lacked a clear understanding of employer satisfaction across its range of products and services. CoreData was commissioned in 2014 to conduct a quantitative study exploring the attitudes and perceptions of employers who use the fund as a default fund at their workplace. The insights were to be used by Equip Super to enhance its relationship with employers with the aim of improving satisfaction and retention.


CoreData worked with Equip Super to design an online survey which would gauge employers’ perceptions of the fund’s range of products and services and overall sentiment towards the fund, including overall satisfaction, likelihood to recommend the fund and likelihood to continue using the fund in the future. CoreData managed the fieldwork process, performed the analysis and reported on the findings, including providing recommendations to the fund on aspects that could be improved to garner an uplift in employer satisfaction. In addition to reporting the overall results, CoreData analysed the data by employer segment and relationship manager to give Equip Super a deeper understanding of the findings.


Since undertaking the initial study in 2014, Equip Super has continued to track employer satisfaction on an annual basis. Through this process, the fund has been able to identify areas of strengths and weakness and refocus resources accordingly. Engaging with employers in this way has enhanced the relationship Equip Super has with employers, evidenced by the strong overall sentiment scores achieved in the most recent round of research in August 2016.

Dino Vlachos